Being German, I love David Hasselhoff. It's actually the law back in the Motherland. For me the Hoff is almost like some kind of higher spirit. Hoff-ness is everywhere. The Hoff is a big inspiration - in times of trouble I often ask myself "how would the Hoff deal with this situation...?"

I'm actually thinking of having a mini Baywatch Tower built in my house so I can sit there in my red shorts in true Hoff style. I'm also delighted to see that he's appearing as Captain Hook in a Peter Pan panto at Wimbledon Theatre this Christmas! I'm going to have to work out a way I can meet him!

Hoff-culture now has quite a big cult following and there is lots of Hoff stuff floating around online - so here are some of my current favourites...if you have any please let me know!

Always remember, DON'T HASSLE WITH THE HOFF!

The Hoff is back! Check out his new video – a work of pure GENIUS!!!